410,990 SUSHI of $4.85M Transferred Anonymously!

410,990 SUSHI of $4.85M Transferred Anonymously!
  • Whale alert of 410,990 SUSHI tokens transferred anonymously.
  • Sushi is prominently on a dip in recent times.
  • Sushi will spike up soon amidst recent price analysis.

On a day to day basis, getting whale alerts is nothing new. In spite of this, the whale alert for the day corresponds to the SushiSwap (SUSHI). SUSHI tokens of about 410,990 tokens have been transferred anonymously. This transfer amounts to a whopping $4.85 million.

In addition, this whale transfer has taken place on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

On the contrary, this seems to reflect in accordance with the recent price analysis of SUSHI. Statistics show strong bulls on the price of SUSHI throughout the rest of the period for the year 2021. 

SUSHI’s Strong Bulls

Besides, such a whale transfer took place just a few hours back from the time of writing, analysts predict SUSHI’s price will rise.

Moreover, taking the Relative Strength Index (RSI) into account, it indicates that RSI is above the normal. In turn, this indicates that buyers will be plunging into SUSHI in this period. Thereby, the price of SUSHI is expected to surge upwards. 

In addition, analysts predict that SUSHI will surge upto $17.6 for sure within the year’s end. 

SUSHI’s To & Fro

The year of 2021, has quite been harsh upon the SushiSwap platform. Witnessing numerous hacks, particularly upon its Miso platform. In addition, the whitehat rescue incident upon which SushiSwap was actually saved adds the fuel here. 

All this points to the fact that the SushiSwap platform lacks proper security. And so, significantly many holders tarded off their SUSHI a few weeks back. 

However, though the live incidents ows such explanations, those from the statistics point of view are literally different. 

Accordingly, the SushiSwap platform’s new blockchain based technological launches and upgrades which are due this month, will also ought to increase the price of SUSHI too. 

Besides, at present SUSHI is being traded for a price of $11.23, with a 24 hours decline of 4.62%.

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