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Cardano (ADA) Vs. Ethereum (ETH): Which is Better to Invest?

Crypto investors are eager to know which is a better investment – ADA Vs ETH. Cardano can support 1 million

12 hours ago 7 mins read

Elon Musk Anticipates Bitcoin (BTC) For India

Whatsoever Elon Musk Tweets about becomes an escalated news! And that too linking them with the crypto industry by all

1 day ago 3 mins read

Axie Infinity (AXS) Reaches its New All-time High

Axie Infinity (AXS) reached its new all-time high of $48.16 on July 23.  AXS is a Pokémon-based crypto game. Axie

2 days ago 3 mins read

Polkadot (DOT) Vs. Ethereum(ETH)

One altcoin which can be compared with ETH is the Polkadot (DOT). Polkadot’s blockchain enables efficient DeFi’s and all finance-based

3 days ago 4 mins read

Wiv Brings Blockchain Services For Georgian Government Wine

When it comes to Georgia, the first thing which comes is its diverse architecture, its peanuts, sweet onions, etc. On

6 days ago 3 mins read

Russia Battles Kazakhstan Over Crypto Mining

The cryptocurrency mining sector is currently facing extreme hardships in maintaining its presence in recent times. Moreover, all the environmental

6 days ago 4 mins read

Polygon Studios-Exclusivity for Blockchain Gaming and NFTs

The Polygon platform is one of the most fast-developing and well-established techno-systems for all sorts of Ethereum based blockchain works.

6 days ago 3 mins read

Infinity8.io and Sacha Jafri makes NFT history at amFAR 2021

As cameras flashed at tonight’s 27th amFAR gala at the Cannes film festival in the south of France, one-star continued

6 days ago 3 mins read

Binance Engages in Burning Over 1.2 Million BNB Tokens

Binance was involved in another token burn of over 1.2 million BNB tokens.  The token burn doesn’t cause any price

7 days ago 2 mins read

CryptoBlades (SKILL) Price Spikes Over 160% in a Day

CryptoBlades (SKILL) price skyrockets to over 160% in the last 24-hours.  SKILL is an non-fungible token Crafting game on the

1 week ago 2 mins read