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Kavita Gupta File Lawsuit Against ConsenSys Again, Demands $30M

Ex-head of Investment field lawsuit on ConsenSys Ventures. Accuses ConsenSys of bullying and threatening.  Terms racism and women based discriminations

4 days ago 2 mins read

Why Investing In NFTs make complete sense?

Many onlookers believe that investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) remains an alien concept. Even so, there are many reasons as

4 days ago 5 mins read

Crypto.com and the Adelaide Crows Announce Long-Term Partnership

The Adelaide Football Club, called “the Crows” in Australia, is a professional club based in Adelaide. This team is led

4 days ago 3 mins read

HeliumRent: Revolutionizing the Helium Mining Sector on a Global Level

Several radio networks worldwide belong to HeliumRent, a global scale organization of radio stations. More than 83 nations are covered,

5 days ago 3 mins read

Downsides of traditional stock photo platforms and the perfect solution

Let’s do a little role-play.  Character No 1: a photographer. Say you’re a struggling (or an established) photographer that is

5 days ago 5 mins read

OlympusDAO Initiates Partnership with a DeFi Protocol Balancer

OlympusDAO, a decentralized reserve currency, is officially associated with Balancer, leading DeFi protocol. Through this partnership, OlympusDAO will initiate its

6 days ago 2 mins read

SPACE Metaverse Acquires Strategic Fund From Binance Labs

SPACE is a pioneering platform that focuses on the intersection of gaming, virtual reality, and commerce. It follows the concept

6 days ago 2 mins read

Crypto.com Activates Addresses, Adds Another Security Protocol

Crypto.com activates back the addresses. New security protocol added over the previous 2FA. Introduces a time wait of 24 hours

6 days ago 3 mins read

Splinterlands Started Long Awaited General Sale ‘Chaos Legion’

The most famous NFT-related play-to-earn card game Splinterlands has successfully begun the long awaited general release of its new card

6 days ago 3 mins read

3 Top Blockchain Ecosystems You Should Focus on in 2022

The meteoric rise of blockchain technology in the past decade is nothing but spectacular. Bitcoin’s rise coupled with the growth

6 days ago 6 mins read