About Us

Welcome to The NewsCrypto

The NewsCrypto is an independent online media publication that helps to educate readers about recent news, exchanges, and markets in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Our media is a Google News-approved crypto-blockchain news media. We publish the latest crypto news, feature the industry’s latest trends, make our own crypto technical analysis and price predictions.

The NewsCrypto was established in 2020, our team is composed of writers, editors, social media marketers, and other non-editorial employees present remotely. Should you like to partner with The NewsCrypto for your branding needs (press release, advertising, etc.), please reach us out at [email protected].

If you are facing some issues with our website, or if you have any questions regarding any information in any article published on our platform, please let us know at [email protected].

Editorial Policy

The NewsCrypto clings to the strictest editorial policies, we have a pledge to give reasonable and unbiased revealing in the entirety of our news coverage. Our Journalists are needed to reality check each article before it is distributed and give sources to statements and insights. Each article is checked by a proofreader before publication. 

The Blockchain world moves quickly so we comprehend the need to give speedy admittance to the most recent news. Our editorial and writing group are spread all throughout the world which permits us to cover stories in various time regions as they arise. 

We make our very own great designs and outlines yet where we utilize existing pictures our authors are needed to get resources which are inside the public space and connection to the wellspring of any images utilized. 

We have the objective of turning into the number one, trusted and regarded expert on news and informational aides inside the blockchain business.

Advertising Policy

We comprehend that individuals disdain advertisements, that is the reason blockchain projects like Bat and the Brave Browser exist. Our guarantee is we won’t ever utilize intrusive promoting strategies, for example, popups, overlays and different frameworks which track your use across the web. All publicists are appropriately screened prior to being acknowledged on to the site and we won’t ever acknowledge promoting from organizations promising ensured returns or which take part in deceptive marketing practices.

All official statements are clearly checked and isolated from the primary website content.