$3M Worth Ethereum (ETH) Hacked on SushiSwap’s Miso Platform

$3M Worth Ethereum (ETH) Hacked on SushiSwap’s Miso Platform
  • Decentralized crypto exchange, SushiSwap’s Miso token launch platform hacked.
  • Hackers loots off Ethereum (ETH) worth $3 million.
  • CTO of SushiSwap asks the help of Binance and FTX exchanges for identifying the hackers.

It’s rather solidified that the decentralized exchange is completely based on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols- SushiSwap will suffer itself from profuse hacks every month! Yes, the SushiSwap DEX again suffers another hack this month.

In spite of this, the Miso platform of SushiSwap which enables all sorts of open sourced smart contracts based services, gets hacked by anonymous hackers. Also, Ethereum (ETH) of about 865 has been looted off. This amounts to approximately $3 million. 

The CTO’s Mourning

Besides, the news came out officially from the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SushiSwap, Joseph Delong. And so, Joseph Delong announced the hack took upon the Miso platform of SushiSwap. 

Accordingly, Delong states that a hostile bug has been sent through the GH handle AristoK3 by an anonymous hacker. Also, the hacker replaced his own wallet address such that upon the auction the count of 865 ETH fell to the hackers own wallet address. In addition, this data could be found through the EtherScan evidently. 

Moreover, the hacker attacks upon the Jay Pegs Auto Mart token auction alone which turns out to be an NFT project. 

Despite all this, the CTO mourns that it’s the hardest day of his life, losing 865 ETH. In addition, the CTO went forth seeking the help of the renowned crypto exchanges FTX and Binance in order to identify the hackers and get his funds back. 

Furthermore, the CTO announces that if the hacker doesn’t return back his lost ETH, he would further file an IC3 complaint to the FBI.

Hacks History of SushiSwap

It’s quite skeptical as to why the SushiSwap platform is so vulnerable to hacks so profusely. Just last month a possible hack could have taken place upon the SuhsiSwap platform. 

On the contrary the possible hack is said to be on the same Miso platform of SushiSwap. 

However, this ethical hack was saved by a white hat rescuer who actually is a security researcher. In spite of all this, SushiSwap got itself saved from a hack of ETH worth about $350 million

On the other hand, as more and more hacks take place profusely upon the Miso platform, its time SushiSwap indulges deep into Miso’s security protocols adversely.

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