Over 50% Progress of IOTA 2.0 Completed

Bullish Trend Triggered for IOTA (MIOTA) This Christmas Eve
  • IOTA 2.0 progressing is completed more than 50%.
  • At beginning of this year, IOTA has launched IOTA 1.5.
  • Coordicide will launched as a part of IOTA upgrade IOTA 2.0

IOTA (MIOTA), a distributed ledger developed to track and execute transactions, has recently undergone spikes in price. The unique features of IOTA (MIOTA) have attracted many crypto investors. Over 50% progress of IOTA 2.0 was completed. In the next few weeks, the IOTA network is in the plan to incentivize the use of the IOTA 2.0 testnet to encourage and motivate user participation.

Furthermore, the IOTA team is in the plan to advance into the US and for broad-spectrum project support, it will transfer its development fund to Switzerland.

More so, at beginning of this year, IOTA has launched a most awaited upgrade IOTA 1.5. This release helps the network in simplifying the use and increasing the transaction speed. More developments like tokenization, NFT incorporation, and car e-wallets are in the process. And such developments will also help the network to gain more developers and investors.

In a note, during the latest Ask Me Anything (AMA) session the founder of IOTA Schiener and David replied to the questions from Satoshi Street Bets’ sub-Reddit platform. The topics that have covered in the interview are IOTA developments and future or current plans for the IOTA network.

AMA session also discussed Coordicide, along with IOTA 2.0. Schiener said we are still progressing on the Coordicide project that restores decentralization. It will launch as a part of IOTA upgrade IOTA 2.0. The IOTA platform is currently running a testnet without any coordinator.

Current Market Status

Accordingly, IOTA developers and executors are still confident that such development will drive the growth of its native token. As per CoinMarketCap, IOTA (MIOTA) price is trading at $1.68 with a 24-hour trading volume of $378,896,854. At the time of writing IOTA spikes over 10% in the last 24 hours.

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