Director of Russia’s Fraud Crypto Exchange-Wex Prisoned in Poland!

Director of Russia’s Fraud Crypto Exchange-Wex Prisoned in Poland!
  • Last director of Wex, Dmitry Vasiliev, was arrested in Poland.
  • Crypto exchange Wex, aka BTC-e indulged in many money laundering frauds.
  • Previous founder of Wex, charged for money launderings of $4B BTC.

These days it seems Russia and crypto have become completely inseparable even amidst all the new rules and regulations. Each day new news in the crypto industry of Russia spikes up, creating headlines. Accordingly, a crypto exchange by the name Wex, initially known as BTC-e, has been on various charges of money laundering since the beginning of time. In spite of this, the last director of Wex, has been arrested by the Poland police, in Warsaw, Poland.

Arrest of The Director 

Despite the Russia based crypto exchange being closed completely in the year 2017, the case and search has been continuing till now it seems. The Wex crypto exchange, previously known as BTC-e, was started off from the beginning of the emergence of the crypto industry in Russia. But ever since its start it has faced numerous allegations related to money laundering. 

Accordingly, the last director of Wex, Dmitry Vasiliev was arrested in Poland. In addition, it is suspected that Vasiliev was also linked with the Mt. Gox insolvency.  However, Vasiliev is said to be not guilty in any terms within the nation of Poland. Yet, many other nations, such as Kazakhstan and Japan have cases on charge against Dmitry Vasiliev. 

Moreover, the Polish officials arrested Vasiliev on August 11. And so,the news is made official only on September 17.

Furthermore, Vasiliev has charges of helping out anonymous chinese traders imposing as an employee of BTC-e evidently. 

History of BTC-e Money Laundering 

Besides being one of the first crypto exchanges to start, BTC-e was on the blacklist from the beginning.

 On the other hand, the first director of BTC-e was Alexander Vinnik. Despite being the first director of the crypto exchange Vinnik was arrested in Greece after a period of six years of profuse money laundering. 

In addition, the overall money laundering of Vinnik amounts to $4 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC). Amidst all this, after the arrest of Vinnik, Vasiliev became the new director of BTC-e. Also, becoming the new director, Vasiliev in thoughts of re-establishing BTC-e again, he re-named it as ‘Wex’. However, just in a period of one year after, Wex was blacklisted again on charges of money laundering by Binance. And so, the gates of Wex were closed since 2017 till now.

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