254 New Whales Pour Into Buying Bitcoin (BTC)

11,835 Bitcoin (BTC) Worth 348,155,467 USD Transferred to Unknown Wallet
  • BTC may soon reach a new ATH within this year.
  • Overall buying of BTC is on the rise.
  • 254 new whale buyers into BTC since September.

The king of the cryptos, the Bitcoin (BTC), sets a new record now. Nothing yet upon its ATH though! Now the entire BTC network has so far crossed more than 400 buyers. In spite of this, many are not just ordinary one or two BTCs, but buying in huge whales. It’s evident that there are numerous factors for such a drastic increase in the buying of BTCs. 

254 New Whale Buyers for BTC

All the crypto enthusiasts, investors, and all upon the crypto industry know very well that the entire crypto market surfaced back by the month of September. This is after a period of heavy downfall and a market crash of almost 3 months. 

In spite of this, since September BTC started to rise steadily. Moreover, BTC started to gain momentum in August, but a profuse and steady rise started from September. 

Also, by the first week of September, BTC once again touched the $50K mark. Ever since then, it has been around the $50K mark standardly. In addition, following the same trend, by the first week of October, BTC crossed $60K.

Accordingly, it is highly evident that BTC will be reaching a completely new level of all-time-high (ATH) very soon. And so, many investors and firms started to gather up as much as BTCs they could.

As a result, since last month about 254 whale buyers were on the BTC network. In addition, all these 254 whale buyers amounted to 100 to 1000 BTCs profusely. 

BTC ETF’s Effects

Besides, another major reason for such a rise is the launch of the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for BTCs.

 In spite of this, many depict that once a BTC ETF is launched, the price of BTC will explode to a completely unimaginable ATH.

Many investors predict that BTC ETF will revolutionize the BTC network even more, with extreme investments pouring in. This statistically ought to spike the prices of BTC up like anything.

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