ZOO-Crypto World (ZOO) Will Hit $3 Soon?

ZOO-Crypto World (ZOO) Will Hit $3 Soon?
  • ZOO Crypto-World is a new NFT gaming platform.
  • The price of the ZOO-Crypto World (ZOO) might hit $3 soon.
  • ZOO joins Binance’s MVB III Program.

Cryptocurrencies will disrupt traditional finance because one of their most attractive utilities is the ability to efficiently transfer payments. The world is emerging into the crypto-industry and equally the gaming industry does the same. 

Similarly, ZOO-Crypto World is a new NFT gaming platform that includes a set of animal-based NFTs of varying rarity levels. ZOO is a set of Smart Contracts include YIELD FARMING/Smart Pool/NFT Cards Collection/NFT Battle. ZOO ecosystem is planning to build a trustworthy NFT gamification platform and bring in more Gaming Elements in the coming future. The game involves two native tokens- KEY and ZOO.

According to CoinMarketCap, the trading price of ZOO-Crypto World(ZOO) is $1.07, at the time of writing. The trading volume of $5,483,583 for the last 24 hours and ZOO has surged over 37.72% in the last 7 days. And we can expect more bullish in the upcoming day, also the price of the ZOO might hit $3 soon.

More so, the principles of ZOO are transparency, self-evolution, and fairness. Users of the platform will obtain ZOO tokens by staking NFT assets. ZOO token which was issued by the ZOO platform. Which can be traded on Pancakeswap.

Binance MVB III Program

On Sep2, ZOO-Crypto World was excited to announce that it joins Binance’s MVB III Program, on the social platform Twitter.

In August Binance Smart Chain has launched the third round of competition with infrastructure, NFT, and DeFi logo projects invited to participate. The Most Valuable Builder program (MVB) is the premier incubation program on BSC.

Finally, with the upcoming upgrades, projects and announcements ZOO price may continue its bullish trend. As previously mentioned, there is a chance for ZOO to hit $3 only if investors have plans that ZOO is a good investment.

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