Twitter Users Can Add BTC and ETH Addresses to Profiles

Twitter Users Can Add BTC and ETH Addresses to Profiles

Twitter is a popular social networking service with millions of active users connected all over the world. Users are accessible to post, tweet, share messages and stay engaged anytime and anywhere. This huge sourcing network is now planning to upgrade a new crypto feature offering the best version to its users. 

The crypto industry is also emerging and playing a vital role dragging the people into the digital world. And in the fast space, all works and businesses are now involving cryptocurrencies and its services into the frame. So, as a result, Twitter is planning to allow its users to add their BTC and ETH addresses to profiles. 

Further, with their personal bio’s now users can add and view the crypto addresses to receive tips from the Tip Jar feature. In May, this new feature was integrated in Twitter as a third party payment option. Thus, it will help the users to send monetary tips via the Tip Jar feature. 

New Crypto Feature on Twitter

Moreover, this news was not an official announcement from the Twitter community but it is talk of the town today. The Italian mobile developer, Alessandro Paluzzi who calls himself a “leaker” shares some screenshots of the new version of Twitter. He states that there is a new option on the settings system in the Twitter application. 

Besides, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, shared that Bitcoin (BTC) will be interlinked with the Tip Jar feature when it was introduced. So now it may be the execution time of the integrated plans for Twitter users. Thus, this initiative of tipping the BTC with Twitter will strike a spark for both the crypto industry and the social network. 

Initially, the discussion about the Tip Jar feature is that it requires a Strike account to process the tipping services. However, now Paluzzi shares that it is not mandatory to link a Strike account for BTC tipping. Users can just enter their Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses in the appropriate sections. As of now, this update is from Paluzzi but the Twitter community did not accept and announce his findings officially. So all the users are eagerly waiting to explore this new feature with popular cryptocurrencies. 

Even though Twitter did not step forward to confirm the feature, the product lead of Twitter Kayvon Beykpour posted a tweet supporting Paluzzi’s snaps. He adds, Twitter is working on the ability to receive tips through crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC). Thus, this update will be official soon offering the users with additional access.

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