El-Salvador Arrests Critic Against BTC Legal Tender

El-Salvador Arrests Critic Against BTC Legal Tender

As El-Salvador is all set for the official Bitcoin (BTC) legal tender from September 9, speculations are still high upon the subject. In spite of this, El-Salvador has recently passed a bill of $150 million in order to facilitate profuse transactions and conversions of BTC to U.S dollars. However, a few strong individuals are completely against the President’s decision and law for BTC legal tender. Accordingly, the government of El-Salvador arrests a techie by the name ‘Mario Gomez’ for raising his voice against the BTC legal tender law. 

The Arrest

Under the President’s rule, the nation of El-Salvador is trying and putting its best to safeguard the laws implied by its President. It is, of course, known news that El-Salvador is the first nation in the world to make Bitcoin (BTC) legal tender. Accordingly, as the act gets officially to implementation by September 9, officials are keen on silencing all sorts of concerns on rising against BTC legal tender.

In spite of this, the police officials have arrested a techie and founder of ‘Hackerspace’, Mario Gomez. Mario Gomez is one of the many prolific individuals who have raised voices strongly against BTC legal tender for the nation. As the President, Nayib Bukele is keen upon this law, nearly half of the nation and common people are against it. 

Moreover, Mario Gomez has expressed his views openly in many podcasts and interviews stating that the complete idea of BTC legal tender would fail highly. Also, Gomez adds that the crypto wallet ‘Chiro’ which is from the government is complete with flaws.  

In addition, Gomez adds Chiro application boasts of absolutely no transaction fees, but eventually all will be adding up upon as taxes. Accordingly, it’s clear that Nayib Bukele’s rule wants to suppress the outcast of such activists against BTC legal tender. 

Actions After Release

Moreover, when Mario Gomez was arrested, no proper information was given to his mother. The mother of Gomez states that she had no idea of the arrest, why they made the arrest and so. 

However, the police stated that they have arrested Gomez on charges of sending fake emails to those bank users whose accounts have been blocked.  In spite of this, Gomez’s mobile phone and computers were confiscated for further investigation. 

Furthermore, within a few hours of detention, Mario Gomez got out. Yet, he didn’t get his phones or computers to his hands till later. 

Despite all this, just hours before his arrest Maro Gomez took to Twitter, stating that it’s nothing regards to him but to the people of the nation. Also, he started tagging the El-Salvador Intelligence Agency that the more they try to hide, the more people will eventually come out and reveal evidently what they are trying to hide.

All this is quite speculative and suspicious, anyways let’s wait and watch for a month or more on El-Salvador’s status after a month of BTC legal tender.

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