Standard Chartered Adopts Including Of Digital Assets

Standard Chartered Adopts Including Of Digital Assets

In spite of the whole world moving towards and adopting digital assets profusely, many prominent international banks are taking steps to join the league too. True to the fact only those who adapt to the changes in the present economy could have a future! Accordingly, the U.K based international banker, the Standard Chartered now joins the Global Digital Finance (GDF) in aspirations to adopt digital assets and their related services to it. 

The Announcement

The U.K based banking and finance services provider needs no further introduction, as it is known very well all over the world. In spite of being one of the most reputed and topmost banks in the world, Standard Chartered now plans to include digital assets into its firm. It’s an obvious and quite an appreciable move, as it’s necessary to adopt changes and new technologies in order to move towards the future. 

Accordingly, Standard Chartered announced officially on Wednesday it will be joining and being part of the Global Digital Finance (GDF). The GDF represents a body of organization comprising various crypto firms, exchanges etc, thereby deploying a membership into the crypto and digital assets sector.  

Furthermore, Standard Chartered will be involved in managing overseas regulations and rules implied upon the cryptocurrency industry, majorly focusing upon digital assets on the whole. 

Moreover, this denotes the fact Standard Chartered is the first bank to join the GDF. In addition, at present, the GDF consists of about 10 crypto bodies and exchanges excluding Standard Chartered. Also, many prominent firms like Huobi, Coinbase, Six Digital Exchange, and 100X Group-under which BitMEX comes. 

Standard Chartered’s Opinions

Accordingly, Standard Chartered’s Global Head of Finance market Electronics and Trading platform, Geoff Kot states they are indeed extremely happy about the prospectus on going to the GDF. 

In addition, he adds, adoption of the digital assets on correct terms with the regulations and laws, ensuring maximum security to the users and consumers will enhance the complete financial system. 

Also, he terms that banks play a vital role in developing and moving forward the global financial system altogether. And so, with such futuristic adoptions of digital assets with banks will make new evolutions upon the global financial systems.  

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