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Where Did John McAfee’s Crypto and Other Assets Go?

Where Did John McAfee’s Crypto and Other Assets Go? Altcoin News

John McAfee the computer software developer, coder, and the man who created the McAfee antivirus passed away recently last month on June 23. Upon his death, rather suicide in Spanish prison during his prison sentence. 

John McAfee is well known for his extreme fortunes of over $100 million in extravagant luxury assets and cryptos too. However, he depicted himself before death that hews literally left out with nothing during his jail sentence, just before his death.

John McAfee’s History of Fortunes

John McAfee, a renowned developer who took to a fortune on his widely acknowledged and proven antivirus software passed away while on his jail sentence in Spanish prison last month June 23. 

During his last moments, and on his final public interview McAfee broke down literally expressing his grieves. Accordingly, he put forth that the U.S. Federal authorities have confiscated all of his assets. Furthermore, he expressed grieving that he’s left apparently with nothing left. 

In spite of all this, this news was put forth by Mark Eglinton, the author of John McAfee’s biography. In addition, Mark Eglinton reveals that John McAfee came to such a condition that he was not even able to pay him for his works. 

Furthermore, Ellington revealed that McAfee said to him that financially he’s in a worse situation than Eglinton himself.

John McAfee lost most of his fortunes upon the crisis of 2008. Also, Ellington continued that John McAfee made many safe investments over the years. 

In addition, he built many extravagant mansions and bought many properties. However, he didn’t even spend a night in many of these on the contrary. 

Despite all this, during the great recession of 2008 many of McAfee’s properties were sold off and many occurred to only losses. 

McAfee’s Cryptos and Allegations

In spite of all success and after resigning from McAfee once, it was taken over by Intel, McAfee started more than ten different companies. He even was the CEO of a cryptocurrency platform too.

Moreover, McAfee was alleged that he played ransomed in making many altcoins and new emerging cryptos in taking them at higher prices through his comments and also destroying them through tweets bringing their prices down. 

He has played such radical games for many new initial coin offerings (ICOs). Furthermore, for all this McAfee received payments through various cryptos. 

Also, it’s speculated he took part in bringing up Dogecoin (DOGE) too on his lists. 

However, where all his crypto savings went is still bizarre! 

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