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Luxury Watchmaker Breitling Issues Blockchain Based Digital Watch Certificate

Luxury Watchmaker Breitling Issues Blockchain Based Digital Watch Certificate Blockchain News

Breitling has, a well-known Swiss company has become the world’s first luxury watchmaker to leverage blockchain technology digital watch certificates.

Swiss firm partner with Arianee, an open-source protocol for creating digital identities for valuable items, to issue these watch certificates. Every watch sold by the firm will come with a blockchain-based digital passport. The passport is automatically linked to Breitling’s digital warranty program. 

Breitling said:

With this blockchain-based digital passport, collectors no longer need to retain paper documents. And instead can freely consult with Breitling more efficiently and anonymously thanks to an embedded chat feature.

The digital passport will allow clients to extend their warranties, track repairs, request services. And subscribe to insurance for protection against theft. Furthermore, users could guarantee authenticity if they want to trade or sell on the secondary market.

Aside from Breitling’s latest innovation, French entrepreneurs and Tradee watches Co-founders Guillaume Kuntz and Marc Ambrus also initiated Watch Certificate in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes a physical steel card that bears a QR code linked to a digital certificate.

This service enables clients to put a purchased watch through a detailed authentication and checking process. Kuntz explains this as the increasing creation of a passport for a luxury watch, which can be viewed through a phone app.

Moreover, the world’s biggest luxury group LVMH, collaborated with Consensys and Microsoft last year in developing its own blockchain platform AURA. Through this network, customers can access the product history and proof of authenticity of luxury goods.

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