XDC-Powered BlockDegree Shapes the Future of Educational Degree

XDC-Powered BlockDegree Shapes the Future of Educational Degree
  • BlockDegree decided to enter the NFT market.
  • Candidates who score 60% only will receive the certificate.
  • Certificates as NFTs, BlockDegree latest offering.

BlockDegree has now decided to enter the Non-Fungible Token (NFT)  market at pace with the tides of time. The learners at BlockDegree can convert their certificates into NFTs.

Counterfeiting education becomes very easy due to technological development. At a similar time, it is also enabling solutions to counter this problem. Immutable and tamper-proof creation, storage, and transfer of degrees or certificates are provided by Blockchain technology, for instance.

Moreover, BlockDegree, a cutting-edge edTech platform built on the XDC Network. It offers free online courses on blockchain technologies for beginners and advanced learners. After the completion, course certificates are issued, they can be stored on XinFin’s public-private hybrid ledger. At the time of writing in BlockDegree, there is almost 10,000 user registration, and 1700 successful candidates received the certificate.

However, enabling anyone to educate themselves about a diverse block-chain-related topic, promoted by BlockDegree.  At the beginning of the course, the training material will be given for free. The candidates who score 60% above only receive the certificate which can store and share over the XDC network. Hence, the certificates are absolutely verifiable; they have tremendous value.


Although, learners have to pay minimal transaction and processing fees, who are intending to store their certificates on XDC. Users can pay fees in XinFin are nearly 0.00042% of the transaction amount, while $9.99 is the large time charge.

BlockDegree’s Latest Offering

BlockDegree converting certificates into NFTS. NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects.  NFT bought and sold online. NFTs are gaining because it is becoming a popular way to buy and sell digital artwork. BlockDegree has decided to capitalize on NFT science, this is the right time to get involved with NFTs.

Hence more, this makes the former more easily shareable among other outcomes. The certificates issued newly will come with the option to mint them as NFTs. Even more,  to the integrated NFT Marketplace on BlockDegree, the learners can add their tokens.

Furthermore, the BlocDegree NFT Marketplace is in the Alpha stage, which has limited functionalities and user experience. However, with more updates and implementation the platform will soon achieve full throttle.

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