Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted Dogecoin to Reduce its Fees

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted Dogecoin to Reduce its Fees. Billy Markus planned to release a Software upgrade. According to

2 days ago 2 mins read

DOGE’s Market Cap Slips Down Following a Massive Price Fall

Dogecoin Market Capitalization Dropped to 9th position. The meme coin price falls 67% from it’s All-time high. DOGE holders lose

1 week ago 3 mins read

NYAG Wins the Case and Closes Coinseed Exchange Permanently

The Attorney General of New York Democrat Letitia James has permanently shut down the Coinseed crypto exchange. The exchange has

2 weeks ago 2 mins read

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu Peaked Prediction, Correct?

Shiba Inu, a cryptocurrency launched last year, is based on famous memes, like Dogecoin. Despite the similarities, SHIB calls itself

2 weeks ago 2 mins read

Vitalik Buterin’ Suggestion On Dogecoin’s Development With Ethereum

The Co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin has given some suggestions for the development of Dogecoin. He shows interest in collaborating

3 weeks ago 2 mins read

Doge Community Forces Dogecoin 2.0 To Rename Its Identity

The newly emerged meme coin smartly portrays its name as ‘Dogecoin 2.0’ in the crypto market. So the DOGE community

3 weeks ago 3 mins read

Auctioned off in 17 Billion Pieces-Original $4m Doge NFT Meme

The original Doge Meme’s $4 million NFT, divided into ERC-20 Tokens and auctioned off. Furthermore, the owner of the Shibu

4 weeks ago 2 mins read

Doge Millionaire’s Next Crypto Target Is Cardano (ADA)

The popular dogecoin millionaire, Glauber Contessoto who was very crazy about investing all his savings in purchasing meme coins. This

4 weeks ago 2 mins read

Doge Token Pumps and Dumps Over 20 Times in a Month, Surging Over 6816566%

DOGET is in ultra bullish and bearish mode more than 20 times in a month. The DOGET has approximately increased

1 month ago 2 mins read

Dogecoin, Polkadot Fall 8% as Crypto Market Retracts by $90 Billion

During the past 24 hours, markets have been falling, headed by Polkadot (down 9%), Dogecoin (down 8%), Binance Coin (6%)

1 month ago 2 mins read