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Binance Commemorates the 4th Anniversary of its ICO, 16th Coin Burn Predicted!

Binance Commemorates the 4th Anniversary of its ICO, 16th Coin Burn Predicted! Exchange News

Binance, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange operating all over the world, needs no big introduction. Almost every crypto enthusiast is said to have a Binance account. On reaching such epic heights, Binance remembers back its highly successful ICO launched 4 years ago for BNB.

BNB ICO 4th Anniversary

Binance celebrates its most successful event ever, the ICO of BNB which took place 4 years back. Binance is still grateful for such a successful BNB to date. In addition, Binance marks the 4th year anniversary of this BNB ICO (Initial Coin offering) on the exact date of July 2.

Overwhelmed by such nostalgia, the CEO and founder of Binance,  Changepeng Zhao, aka CZ, took to Twitter to share his joy

Upon CZ’s tweet, he depicts BNB ICO’s entire experience in it. In addition, his tweet also contained the link to his very first blog for the success of the ICO in LinkedIn. 

However, that particular blog was posted after the success of the ICO in raising $15 million. In addition, this epic crowdfund ICO accounted for $15 million in cryptocurrencies in a period of just 16 days. Also, the ICO paved the way for nearly 20,000 seed users on the exchange platform.

In spite of all this, CZ also mentioned that he initially named his crypto as BNC, and later changed it to BNB. In fact, he revealed that he changed to BNB as the ticker BNC has been already put to use and to avoid any misinterpretations. Also, he adds that BNB suns are more pleasing to him than BNC.

BNB’s Next Coin Burn

CZ’s tweet as usual got many retweets and comments, all spiked up. Moreover, upon all comments, many persisted CZ pestering him on when BNB’s next coin burn will take place.

BNB coin burn is much anticipated by the whole crypto industry. Furthermore, the next coin burn for BNB will be its 16th coin burn. It’s all evident that the price of BNB will once again rise due to the coin burn. Also, it has been the same scenario throughout the previous 15 coin burns.

However, CZ did reply to the question, as a comment. CZ revealed the 16th coin burn will take place anytime between the 15th to 18th of July. 

This highly anticipated coin burn will once again shoot the price of BNB even more. Moreover, such coin burning is extremely valuable to make the crypto even more legit, standard and to last throughout. 
Nevertheless, BNB wouldn’t vanish as such, it will prevail and reach even more heights, more stabler, all thanks to Binance, which of course will be backing it up throughout.

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