Binance partnered with Splyt For Ride-Hailing

Binance is the first crypto platform providing ride-hailing services. Binance has announced that it would hire additional 2000 positions. Binance,

2 weeks ago 2 mins read

Top 3 Altcoins To Buy NOW in June 2022 Having Huge Potential

Overall crypto market capitalization has come down from $3T to $930B. A Youtuber claims to invest on the top three

2 weeks ago 3 mins read

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Prediction — Will BNB Hit $700 Soon?

Bullish Binance Coin (BNB) price prediction for 2022 is $344.8 to $685.1. Binance Coin (BNB) price will also reach $700

3 weeks ago 9 mins read

Binance Under SEC Investigation for BNB

BNB is accused of being security and Binance has broken the law by selling it. Binance US states it follows

3 weeks ago 2 mins read

Pyramid Pad Announces Upcoming Token Airdrop

Pyramid Pad, a multi-tool project running on BNB Chain, announced an imminent airdrop for its token, $PYRA. The event will

3 months ago 3 mins read

50,000 Binance Coin (BNB) Valued $24 Million Has Been Burned

Ethereum is now in the lead; after the ETH fees burning upgrade (EIP-1559). The 17th burn destroyed 1,335,888 BNB, which

4 months ago 2 mins read

Meter Gets Hacked, Loses $4.4 Million!

Meter multi-chain DeFi platform gets hacked. Suffers losses estimated to be $4.4 million.  A bug attack is found responsible, targeting

5 months ago 2 mins read

BNB Outperforms BTC & ETH for 2021!

CZ tweets a post from ‘The Strait Times’. Post says BNB outperformed both BTC and ETH. Overall surge of BNB

6 months ago 2 mins read

Crypto Exchange Binance Implementing New BNB Auto Burn Protocol

Binance implementing a new Binance Coin (BNB) auto burn protocol. BNB will be burned automatically as per the formula. There

6 months ago 2 mins read

Top 3 Native Utility Coins Launched by Crypto Giants

A trading app and Visa debit cards are part of’s ecosystem. The private Brave browser’s utility token is the

6 months ago 2 mins read