Whale Alert- 9,999.996 #ETH Transferred from #Huobi to Unknown Wallet

Whale Alert- 9,999.996 #ETH Transferred from #Huobi to Unknown Wallet

The Ethereum market was extremely stable and also in favour of bulls. At the end of August, the market rallied 93% in Ethereum and 76% in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is still struggling with the $50,000 level, while Ethereum demonstrates the possibility for additional growth on the market. Ethereum has allegedly reached its biggest rise since May today. Investors may conceive of Ethereum becoming huge.

Whale Alert examines transactions from several blockchains, interprets them, and stores them in a single standard format in its databases. These databases contain thousands of known individual addresses, exchanges, and addresses and are constantly manually updated with the help of AI.

An unknown whale from an anonymous wallet has transferred a huge amount to #Huobi. In addition, Whale Alert, a blockchain analytics and monitoring company, highlighted that the transaction was — 9,999.996 ETHs (USD 39,284,864).

Source: Whale Alert

Whales in Action

Crypto whales are back in action, as hundreds of millions of dollars of ETH are being transferred overnight. The Whale Alert monitoring and analytical tool first identified the massive crypto transfer networks.

According to Whale Alert data, the transaction occurred at around 04:51:56 UTC on Mon, 6 Sep 2021. In the last 24 hours, however, the ETH is up 0.9 percent.

Whale Alert stated, on its official Twitter account:

“10,000 #ETH (39,284,863 USD) moved to an unknown wallet from #Huobi”.

According to CoinMarketCap, today’s prices of ETH are $3,933,71 and $18,815,633,530 are 24 hours trading volume. Moreover, ETH is a quick and cheaper alternative to other digital currencies and a scalable one.

In addition, for this enormous transaction, a fee of 0.003234 Ether ($12.73) was paid.

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