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A trader himself, Rossi has 7 years of experience trading in the forex market and the passion for writing has brought him to Newscrypto. He is the perfect combination of market knowledge and writing skills, making him one of the most sought-after writers on cryptocurrency.

Posts by Mohamed Faisal:

Olympic NFTs Featuring Mirabai Chanu Being Sold By WazirX Marketplace

The WazirX NFT Marketplace is now offering a number of NFTs honoring Indian athletes competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics

12 hours ago 3 mins read

$700k in Costs From the Complainant Who Dropped Class Action-Sought by Nano

With a token holder dumping his case. The ongoing Nano adventure has taken a new turn. This week, a long-running

1 day ago 2 mins read

Solana-Based Saber Raises $7.7m To Expand Team and Tokens

Saber has received $7.7 million in a seeding fund round and is valued at $185.77 million. Thus, making it the

1 day ago 2 mins read

NFT Gaming Market Is Posing a Tough Competition to the DeFi Market

The late spring of 2020 became famous as the DeFi summer for the crypto group with a solid flood in

2 days ago 2 mins read

India to Adopt Ethereum Blockchain to Verify Diploma Certificates

India is one of the first few countries to adopt an e-governance system for higher education. All thanks to a

3 days ago 2 mins read

Ethsign Brings in Seed Funding To Put Signed Documents on the Blockchain

A decentralized application, EthSign is the one that captures signed electronic documents on the Ethereum blockchain. The Singapore-based startup has

3 days ago 3 mins read

CoinBurp – Connecting the World of CeFi and DeFi Platform

While it is the case that the DeFI space has seen only certain assessments and increments across the entire metrics.

4 days ago 3 mins read

Fixed Forex for Defi Introduced by Yearn Finance

The Founder of the Yearn decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator, Andre Cronje, has presented another idea for carrying foreign exchange mechanisms

4 days ago 2 mins read

Nearly 1.65 Million Coins Are Gathered in the Last Six Days by ETH Whales

Over the last six days, ETH whales aggregated almost 1.65 million coins. Ethereum (ETH), the world’s second most significant cryptocurrency,

6 days ago 2 mins read

EU’s ‘Extreme’ Anti-Money Laundering Step is Welcomed By Irish Banks

Banks in Ireland have invited a forthcoming change of the European Union’s anti-money laundering guidelines. This will influence the digital

6 days ago 3 mins read