Belgian Regulators Classify Bitcoin and Ethereum as Non-Securities

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are not considered securities, according to the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) in Belgium.

4 hours ago 2 mins read

MetaMask All Set to Collect Users’ IP Addresses On-Chain Transaction

The wallet’s developer ConsenSys published a revised privacy policy agreement On Nov 23, which prompted criticism on social media. That

3 days ago 2 mins read

Shocking Fall In Cryptocurrency Prices Within a Year

The crypto scenario has turned upside in a year’s gap. Last autumn was 180 degrees opposite of this year’s autumn

4 days ago 1 min read

Arrested Tornado Cash Developer’s Next Hearing After 3 Months

On Tuesday, a court in the Netherlands extended the prison sentence of Alexey Pertsev, the programmer behind the cryptocurrency mixer

6 days ago 2 mins read

Ethereum (ETH) Price Falls 8% as FTX Hacker Swaps 30K ETH

Selling pressure was high on Sunday night for the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world, ETH. The attacker who stole

1 week ago 2 mins read

Vitalik Buterin Proposes Implementation of ZK-SNark Feature

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, recently sent a letter proposing a proposal to implement the ZK-SNark feature in order to

1 week ago 2 mins read

Tether to Transfer $1B USDT From Solana to Ethereum Network

To move USDT from the Solana blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain, stablecoin issuer Tether has launched a $1 billion chain

1 week ago 2 mins read

NFT Marketplace X2Y2 To Reinstate Creator Royalties

A few weeks ago, it seemed as if the majority of the NFT market was rapidly moving away from accepting

1 week ago 2 mins read

Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction — Will ETH Hit $1300 Soon?

In Ethereum (ETH) price prediction 2022, we use statistics, price patterns, RSI, RVOL, and other information about ETH to analyze

1 week ago 8 mins read

Elon Musk Positive About Future Of Crypto Market

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has stated that Bitcoin will recover, but it will take time because of the prolonged winter.

2 weeks ago 2 mins read