Vilatik Buterin Makes Dogecoin Profit $4.3M

Vilatik Buterin Makes Dogecoin Profit $4.3M

The founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin revealed recently that he made profits in millions through his investment in Dogecoin

Buterin’s Reveals

Vitalik Buterin gave out a long podcast session on Sunday for the Lex Friedman podcast. The podcast took more than 3 hours. Throughout the podcast, Buterin just didn’t brag upon Ethereum alone. He’s actually open-minded enough and he gave out his hearty comments and views on whatsoever be the cryptocurrency. 

Upon this podcast, Buterin mentions his profits of millions through Dogecoin (DOGE). He mentions he’s known about Dogecoin ever since its introduction to the industry in the year 2014. He states when it came out first, everyone was mocking it, which is true to the fact though. 

Buterin continues on starting , he invested $25,000 around the year 2016 on Dogecoin. It was all hysterical when he uttered he was actually afraid of what his mother’s actions would be when he reveals he has spent $25,000 on Dogecoin. At that time Dogecoin was rarely known to be invested upon. It was all just a meme-joke based coin, which itself is a joke by then for the whole crypto industry to mock at. The fear he had on his mother was an epic humorous moment though. 

Sale of Dogecoin

In 2020, Elon Musk started commenting and supporting Dogecoin in the most radical way ever by the year’s end. Buterin further continued that Elon’s backup on Dogecoin made the price of Dogecoin shoot up from $0.08 to $0.37. The market cap value reached $20B. Buterin went on to remember all of this happening on the very same day and during the time he was stuck in Singapore in the Covid crisis.

On reaching a profit of more than 8000%, he sold off the Dogecoin which he bought for $25,000 to a massive $4.3 million. He further stated, he was watching out for Dogecoin even after making his sale. He said he witnessed numerous fallbacks again with small peaks here and there for the Dogecoin. 

Buterin was all of pride when he exclaimed he sold his Doge at its peak and that particular move made him feel like a pro-trader.

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