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Ethereum and Cardano Co-Founders, Praises Each Other

Ethereum and Cardano Co-Founders, Praises Each Other Blockchain News

Both being old pals under Ethereum once, now eulogize upon each other in a rather circuitous manner. All this started upon Vitalik Buterin’s comments on Cardano on the Lex Friedman podcast.

A Fast Flashback

Looking a bit back to the history, both the Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Cardano (ADA) creator Charles Hoskinson, started their crypto-based career journey together under the same firm.  In late 2013, both worked together and both were one of the 8 co-founders of Ethereum. Both contributed significantly towards the development of Ethereum. However, both came into a dispute regarding the commercial aspects of Ethereum. Both their views were contradictory to each other. This led to the removal of Charles Hoskinson from Ethereum by Vitalik. Furthermore, Hoskinson started his new project IOHK(Input Output Hong Kong) in the year 2015 with a fellow Ethereum colleague Jeremey Wood. The blast of the product of IOHK is the massive Cardano on which the ADA cryptocurrency is based.  Well, be noted ever since the separation both had a cold war between them.

Honoring Each Other 

The indirect eulogization of each other started off with Buterin commenting on Cardano. It took place on Sunday on the Lex Friedman podcast which starred Vitalek Buterin. Over the 3 hour show, Buterin spent 8 minutes completely discussing Cardano and its abilities. He stated Cardano has interesting ideas in them. He further stated, both being a public blockchain and smart contract, decentralized development platform, Cardano’s approach is quite different from Ethereum. This is evident upon Cardano’s hefty academic proofs on all. Buterin adds Ethereum is ok with the traditional self-learning experience, whereas interesting new ideas are coming out from IOHK research.

Took to amazement by Buterin’s comments, Charles Hoskinson made a tribute via a live video of 15 minutes, of himself on his official YouTube page. In the live video, Hoskinson praised Buterin for his growth physically into a matured, confident leader and developer. He adds, Buterin he knew back was just about 19 years old and he was in his mid-20s during their work together on Ethereum. He acknowledged Ethereum is always better than Bitcoin as ETH was the one that inspired almost everyone in the crypto industry. It gave an opportunity for all to dream big and indulge themselves as part of the crypto industry. In the end, he finally added that he’s making this video as Lex Friedman would for sure ask him to comment on Buterin, as he would be the next one starring in the forthcoming podcast.

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