Top 3 Altcoins All Set To Explode in August 2021

Top 3 Altcoins All Set To Explode in August 2021

In 2021/2022, what is the greatest cryptocurrency to invest in? Set to burst the top altcoins? As the prices of Bitcoin & Ethereum go up, let us talk about the finest cryptos with huge potential! 

 Despite security problems, the market is very enthusiastic about Decentralized Finance (DeFi) coins, which have raised Solana’s value to an all-time high during the last few days.

Here we have the top 3 Altcoins all set to explode in august 2021.


Solana has increased by more than 32 percent. Trading above $71 in the last 24 hours. That’s an all-time high for Solana right now. The market is thus performing. Even with this downtrend, we find occasional outliers where they are outperforming the market.

Solana is a fully functioning open-source project which provides decentralized financing (DeFi) solutions based on blockchain technology’s permissionless nature.

In the last 24 hours, it is up approximately 24 percent—trading at $71.50. It’s more than 84 percent in the last week, from 39 dollars to nearly 74 dollars. It’s 171% at some time in the previous month. It has a Market Cap of $21,948,569,384 and trading volume at Volume at $4,989,418,506 of last 24 hour


So the second Altcoin is going to be Terra. The native token of Terra, LUNA, is utilized to maintain the stablecoins prices of the system. In addition, LUNA holders are allowed to propose and vote on ideas for governance proposals. This is up about 13 percent. Very much the same momentum as Solana has had here. So 13 percent higher trade last week at 24.71 dollars, it’s up more than 76 percent.

In one week, we receive a return of 76 percent. That’s something you’ll never see in the stock market since stocks don’t move fast. The market cap is 11,958,361,189 dollars, and the trading volume is 2,429,545,320 dollars in the past 24 hours.


Polka dot, commonly known as Dot, will be the third Altcoin. This is up about 17%, now trading nearly $27. Polkadot is a multi-chain open-source sharding protocol that allows the transmission of any data or asset, not only tokens, making a wide range of blockchains interoperable.

We see this boom continuing exactly as we spoke about the other two currencies. This currency gained 30% last month, 122% lower than the other currencies, but still growing—more than 100 percent from the low on 20 July.

So, on the one-year graph, it’s 895 percent up from lower levels of $2.90 last August. We had highs here at around $49, nearly $50. There is still a lot more potential. It has a Market Cap of $24,329,490,553 and trading volume at Volume at $2,688,966,429 of last 24 hour.

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