Ricardo Salinas Admires Bitcoin (BTC) Amidst Thrashing Ethereum and Fiat

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The percentage of people who are against Bitcoin (BTC) is extremely low and rare. Almost all the investors, celebrities, the business class are only in the praise of Bitcoin (BTC) including the common people too. Such are the views all over the world. Likewise, a prominent businessman of Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego admires Bitcoin (BTC) on an extravagant basis.

Ricardo’s BTC Admiration

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is Mexico’s third wealthiest man. Being a prominent businessman following his family generations, he extends his business to media, telecommunication, retailing, etc all under his group of companies, the Groupo Salinas. 

Like any other leading prominent businessman, Ricardo Salinas Pliego adores Bitcoin (BTC). Also, he’s an avid backer up for BTC. Long before, like a year back he revealed himself that exactly 10% of his total assets are Bitcoins. Accordingly, Ricardo states firmly that he will be holding his BTCs completely over the next 30 years.  

Furthermore, he exclaims he has so far spent more than 100 hours analyzing and studying Bitcoin (BTC). Also, he adds Bitcoin should be a prominent asset in which every investor should invest. In addition, going on boasting about BTC, he says BTC to be a valuable asset of international value. Moreover, trading with high liquidity on a global platform makes him love Bitcoins earnestly.  

Ricardo on Fiat and ETH

On the other hand, Ricardo Salinas thrashed down both fiat currencies and Ethereum (ETH) to the worst possible.

His instant comment on fiat currencies was ‘fraud’. Yes, he comments fiat currencies as fraud owing o a simple explanation for this. Subsequently, he points out the value of peso- (the Mexican money) to USD was $0.050 at the time of the start of his career in the year 1981. Furthermore, he points out the value of peso till to date at current times is the same, accounting to $0.050. However, Ricardo has a heavy point expressed here though. 

Nevertheless, his comments on Ethereum (ETH) were similar too. Ricardo Salinas simply puts out in simple words, that he doesn’t believe in Ethereum (ETH) at all. Moreover, he adds Bitcoin has a finite supply of just 21 million and once all is mined, the value will increase higher and higher. On the contrary, he points out that ETH is still infinite, which means there will be more and more to use in the coming time.

He concluded, with an increase in volume, simultaneously decreases the value. Mexico’s third-richest man has for sure got quite a few eye-opening points though!

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