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Man Loses $282,000 Through Bitcoin Scam

Man Loses $282,000 Through Bitcoin Scam Bitcoin News
  • Man Loses $282,000 through Bitcoin Scam
  • Scammers tricked the man into allowing them to access his computer.
  • They are multiple types of investment fraud.

The man in Nottingham has lost $282,000 through a Bitcoin scam. The man does not want to be identified, fallen a victim to the scam. he invested money into a fake brokerage firm and invested his hard-earned cash online throughout 2020.

Moreover, scammers tricked the man into allowing the scammers to access his computer remotely. After this, they collected private information. This information helps them to get large loans from his name. Many numbers of times he harassed by the scammers to invest further into the scam.

Furthermore, Detective Sergeant David Beach, of the force’s fraud triage team, stated it was heart-wrenching to hear about another victim losing such a significant amount.

Also, he noted, 

“Being online more means criminals have a greater opportunity to approach unsuspecting victims with their scams”.

Accordingly, David Beach noted that thinking any investment first we have to research base on that online, if we satisfied with information and reviews than only, we have to invest a large sum amount.

Moreover, they are multiple types of investment fraud. They normally target criminals by contacting people out of the blue and makes them invest in schemes.

The campaign led by Action fraud asked the people to stop investing and think before parting with money. And asked to report immediately if they think that they have fallen a victim to a scam.

Even more, the spokesperson for Action fraud said, before making any big decision you have to seek independent professional advice. Check whether the company or individual regulated by the authority.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission reported that the Australians paid $20.5 million in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this happened last year.

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