CoinSwap Founder Erik Nurm Thrashes Elon Musk for Crypto Manipulation

How Much Cardano (ADA) Does Elon Musk Possess?

The CoinSwap founder Erik Nurm puts his views straight in a rather abrupt manner, completely thrashing Elon Musk. He shoots out the way and the impact his tweets create completely manipulates the overall cryptocurrency market. Amidst, yet Musk’s tweet surely does bring a whole lot of attention throughout the world. 

Thrashing of Musk

Being the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk is still considered a key game player in the overall crypto industry and market. Radical are his tweets and the way it shoots up the price of the coins he tweets upon. Although many other cryptocurrency founders, Investment firm CEOs are all skeptical of the way Elon Musk dominates and controls the crypto market through his tweets

The CEO and founder of CoinSwap, Erik Nurm pinpoints the habit of Musk to comment and tweet on cryptocurrencies, started after his ban from tweeting his own company, the Tesla. The United States, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is responsible for this action upon Elon Musk. 

In addition, the CoinSwap founder comments, the CEO of Tesla is playing the same game all over again as he earlier did for the stock market. Now the game is vitally played on many cryptocurrencies, promptly the Bitcoin (BTC) to be more specific, adds Nurm.

Furthermore, Nurn persists and stands firm upon his thoughts Elon Musk is radically controlling and dominating the overall crypto market completely.   

Elon’s Comprehensive Actions and Tweets

The thrashing of Elon Musk by prominent personalities is not a new thing though. Various celebrities and influential persons altogether come against Musk from time to time.

More recently, Sygnia’s Founder and Non-Executive Director, Magda Wierzycka burst out on Elon Musk on his complete crypto market manipulation. She furiously shot out, Musk should be caught, investigated, and fined for such market manipulations. 

In Spite of all, we all do know how his tweets made the price of Dogecoin and Bitcoin (BTC) shoot up and fall down, all on his tweets. 

Moreover, Elon Musk’s recent Bitcoin manipulation accounts for his stopping Tesla payments in Bitcoins. As a result of his tweet for it and announcement, the price of Bitcoin dropped tragically down. He justified that his decision is to stop and control the carbon footprints created by the mining of Bitcoins. 

Nevertheless, a few days back he again revised his decision, stating Tesla will accept BTC payments if 50% of the mining for that particular BTCs are from clean green energy. 

Also, Nurm pointed out a similar gamble of Musk, regarding the CumRocket (CUMMIES), a token based on the Binance smart chain, solely for use in the adult industry. His tweet on June 5 set the token on blaze and increased over 350% on its price so far. 
Despite all this yet Nurm ended that, Musk does affect the crypto market and the novice and intermediate traders, but his attempts will be useful for the whole crypto industry alive in the long run.

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