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Miami Heat Launches NFTs on 2006 NBA Championship

Miami Heat Launches NFTs on 2006 NBA Championship Blockchain News

Yet, another new addition into the non-fungible token (NFT). And that too from the NBA sector. Such sorts of NFTs are nothing new, as each day sees a new NFT rise and introduction to the market. The official basketball team of Miami, the Miami Heat has been into the crypto and NFT sector for the past few months. Yet, it brings forth a new range of NFTs.

Miami Heat’s New NFT

The Miami Heat is a predominant team in the NBA, has proved itself into the crypto and NFT leagues too. Accordingly, about a few months back the Miami Heat has partnered up with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Moreover, the recent highlight is the Miami Heat’s new range of NFTs. These are said to be a completely new series solely based on the team’s victory in the 2006 NBA championship.

In addition, all these NFTs will be mostly pictures of the finals of the Miami Heat upon their victory and securing the NBA championship in the year 2006. Also, this series of NFTs is to be named the ‘15 Strong’. Upon this, 15 Strong will compromise 127 unique tokens as NFTs. 

In spite of all this, the 15 Strong series will be based on the Ethereum blockchain completely. Apart from all this, the series will further include the winning moment of the 2006 NBA championship, the 2006 Miami Heat’s banners, the tickets to the game, and furthermore.

These NFTs could be brought upon the platform, Metamask. Also, the auction will take place on July 19. 

Miami Heat’s Views

The Digital Marketing head of Miami Heat, Jenifer Alvarez puts forth that their 15 Strong NFT series will be a unique one of its kind. 

Also, Jenifer states that they intend to connect both the past and the future with this NFTs series. She puts forth that this will surely be a collector’s item, exclusively, valuable evidently.

The NBA 2006 championship, denotes Miami Heat’s first-ever victory in the NBA. They defeated the Dallas Mavericks with a score of 4-2. The name the ‘15 Strong’ is inspired by the coach of the Miami Heat, Pat Riley, who coined the term in order to motivate the team.

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