Mayor of Miami Brings Bitcoin (BTC) Mining to the City

Mayor of Miami Accepts Full Salary in Bitcoin (BTC)!

Miami has always been a heartthrob city, always busy and amazing with splendid coastlines. Nevertheless, in recent times Miami is also famous for another stuff, the cryptocurrency. Yes, Miami now functions as a cryptocurrency hub with all the elite class people in it. All the credits for all this goes to the Mayor of Miami, Francis Saurez.

BTC Mining in Miami 

The Bitcoin 2021 conference, which still now is the largest gathering for all crypto enthusiasts from all over the world to date. And, the pride for the city to host this conference all goes to Miami. Apart from being the most popular metropolis in the Southeastern region of Florida, Miami always strives to be the futuristic city a class apart from the world. 

The man behind all this, pushing Miami to brim up with the crypto industry is the city’s mayor, Francis Suarez. Francis Suarez is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast, in fact, a complete crypto freak, which he himself admits many times.

Upon a recent interview with CNBC, the Mayor reveals his plans in bringing Bitcoin mining to Miami. 

Moreover, he states that the United States is the leading nation in the world, still sets a drawback when it comes to cryptocurrency mining. In addition, he states Miami has all sorts of potential ecosystems for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.  

Also, he puts forth Miami has massive nuclear power, which could provide more than enough energy for Bitcoin mining. He states the energy derived is extremely cost-efficient, and a completely green source of energy. 

Crypto Views of the Mayor

The Bitcoin 2021 brought forth enormous fuzz and buzz for the city, and Suarez says the city’s changed radically ever since the conference. 

Suarez puts forth he is into all kinds of technological development in order to make Miami stand out. Furthermore, he says Miami is into technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency and Biotechnology, and much more. 

Miami has completely indulged itself and has surrendered itself to cryptocurrency. The Mayor carries on with astonishing facts that the city is actually paying employees in crypto. 

Furthermore, he utters he’s a big fan of Elon Musk, and he says he’s on the side of Elon Musk in support of him.

Finally, he also puts forth that he owns both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

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