Justin Trudeau’s Half Brother Launches His Own Meme Currency Event

Justin Trudeau’s Half Brother Launches His Own Meme Currency Event

Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada has a half-brother who is a crypto enthusiast. Kyle Kemper has announced that he is launching a Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami where he will give out free Dogecoin. The event has been called the “Million Doge Disco.”

Kyle Kemper is the founder of the crypto wallet service Swiss Key. He said that the event will be a fun event around the Dogecoin universe. Every participant in the event will also be given an Augmented Reality Disco Doge NFT as well. 

The idea is to create a party metaverse around Dogecoin. It will be a new “Party Layer” that will make its participants step into a dimension that is alive and moving, with positive vibes. The event will give away more than one million Dogecoin valued over $320,000. 

The people who attend the event will be given an NFT based on the Dancing Dogecoin theme. With the NFT the people will get the Dogecoin payment directly on their phones.

Bad Blood Amongst Brothers

Kemper has been really vocal about his thoughts against his brother. He has been in headlines a lot in Canadian news because of his antics against his brother. He has also been very critical about his brother’s crypto related policies as well.  

He has also been very vocal about his anti-vaxxing views. Sharing a very different view from his brother who is a very keen supporter of vaccination drives.  

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