ETH Got Locked in Smart Contracts

ETH Got Locked in Smart Contracts
  • Around 23% of ETH supply got locked in smart contracts.
  • The ETH’s amount is somewhat equal to the DAO event.
  • Most of ETH is locked in the Beacon Chain contract.

Ethereum is now locked in the smart contract, which is nearly 25% of the Ethereum in supply at present. This amount of ethereum is similarly equal to the DAO event.

Anthony Sassano, ETHhub founder, and industry observer has posted a tweet stating that the amount of ETH is similar to the DAO event in 2016. It was $230 million when Ethereum was $13 at that time but today its worth is around $63 billion.

The statistic in the post illustrates the significant rise that occurred that year when Ethereum poured into the DAO. It was the first decentralized autonomous organization launched on the Ethereum blockchain, after boosting $150 million via a token sale.

ETH in Beacon Chain Contract

Sassano noted that more than a billion of ETH is locked on Binance Smart Chain Contract but most ETH is locked in Beacon Chain deposit Contract.

There are currently 5.42 million ETH staked on the blockchain, according to the ETH 2.0 Launchpad. Besides, this is estimated to be worth around $13.5 billion at current prices. It also describes 4.65% of the total supply and roughly a quarter of all ETH locked across all DeFi smart-contracts.

At the time of writing, the trading volume of Ethereum was 26.40% in a day at $2,562. It fell to a weekend low of just below $2,300 on Saturday but somehow recovered during the Asian trading session on Monday morning.

Significantly, Ethereum is currently 43% off its all-time high, but it seems to have discovered major support near current price levels.

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