Marvel & DC- Says ‘NO’ to Freelance Artists NFTs!

Marvel & DC- Says ‘NO’ to Freelance Artists NFTs!

When it comes to the play of ‘Entertainment’ specifically to the Superheroes, the whole world is into two separate groups. Yes, for sure everyone knows regarding this, the two groups are, the Marvel Universe and the DC comics. Every single individual in the world could be distinguished as either a fan of DC comics or a fan of Marvel Universe.

In spite of all this, along with the emerging non-fungible token (NFT) market, the expectations and hype are to the core among the fans and crypto enthusiasts. However, both the competitors come together stating the same when it comes to NFTs being sold by freelance artists regarding their firm’s characters. And so, both Marvel and DC comics have strictly said ‘No’ to all the freelance artists from making and selling NFTs based upon their characters. 

DC Comics Strict Orders

The DC comics are the oldest American comics still playing the game till date and hopefully forever. With the evolution of the NFT market, most expected ones to come into it for a long time were the DC comics and the Marvel Universe. 

However, DC comics has so far hasn’t revealed any possibilities or news regarding its NFTs so far till now. Accordingly, last year DC comics officially told all freelance writers not to make or sell any types of digital assets namely NFTs based on its intellectual properties (IP) and its characters. 

And so any such activities done upon the NFT market, will be against the law, illegal, and considered as an offense punishable by law. Despite such announcements being made, many continued to make NFTs and sell them profusely. In addition, a comic artist, Jose Delgo sold an NFT collection of Wonder Woman on Makersplace.  

Also, another freelance artist sold an NFT on Marvel on OpenSea for $2000 value Ethereum (ETH)

Therefore, now the DC comics NFTs will not be available for sale until or unless DC comics launches them themselves officially. 

Marvel’s NFTs

On the other hand, Marvel Universe also recently announced the same statement as DC comics. In addition, Marvel states all the freelance artists not to make and sell any sort of NFTs or other digital assets based upon their IP and characters. 

Moreover, previously last month, Marvel Cinematic Universe openly announced their entry into the NFT market.  Accordingly, Marvel has partnered with VeVe application to bring forth its NFTs and series of digital collectibles. 

In spite of this, Marvel termed the month of August to be the ‘Marvel Month’, citing the launch of its first series of digital collectibles and NFTs based on ‘Spider-Man’.

Furthermore, Marvel put out the Captain-America NFTs by the end of August for their 81st Anniversary.

And also, Marvel states that they will be profusely giving opportunities to the Marvel creators upon the VeVe platform.

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