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Marvel Brings Out Its NFTs Finally! Featuring Spider-Man With Start!

Marvel Brings Out Its NFTs Finally! Featuring Spider-Man With Start! NFT News

It’s no surprise that the major Superhero entertainment blockbuster, Marvel Studios has entered into the crypto industry, peculiarly the non-fungible token (NFT) market. With all entertainment and studios entering into the NFTs, much anticipation has been quite beating around the bush for the news of Marvel to bring its NFTs. And so, finally, it’s official and the news is out! 

Marvel’s NFTs

The Marvel Cinematic Universe needs no further introduction as it is loved by all throughout the world. The fanbase for Marvel is the largest throughout the world irrespective of the age group too. Upon its legendary success in history forever, Marvel also has now entered into the NFT industry, which has been much anticipated for a long time. 

In spite of this, Marvel has joined hands with the digital collectibles solely based upon NFTs, the VeVe application. In addition, Marvel has announced that the firsts series of its NFTs will be upon digitally rendered images of ‘Spider-Man’. 

Furthermore, it will be available for sale on the VeVe platform from August 7. Also, Marvel announced this officially on August 5.

Furthermore, these Spider-Man NFTs will be priced between the range of $40 to $400. However, it is highly speculative that the price may vary drastically if the sale ought to be in an auction bidding. 

Besides, Marvel also announced that many more NFTs will be featured by the end of August and throughout. On the other hand, there are numerous superheroes and comic heroes characters, uncountable throughout Marvel.

 And, just by bringing a limited numbered NFTs for each will propel Marvel to extreme heights. Also, it is much speculated that the introduction of Marvel upon the NFT market will be a complete game-changer for the NFT industry.

Moreover, this Spider-Man NFTs series will also boost a limited edition of ‘Ultimate Animated Spider-Man’ for about only 1,000 units.

Marvel and VeVe’s Future Views

The VeVe marketplace is a one-stop-shop for all sorts of digital collectibles, rare, common, and limited edition ones profusely NFTs on the whole. Apart from Marvel, VeVe has numerous fandoms stared upon its platform including DC comics too.

In contrast, VeVe states that this whole month of August will be termed as the ‘Marvel Month’ for the platform, as it ought to bring numerous Marvel NFTs. Also, VeVe announced that by the end of this month they will be bringing out NFTs of five different versions of Marvel’s first-ever comic cover. In addition, these prices are approximately $7.

 Amidst all this, it’s highly evident that Marvel is also going to soon rule the whole NFT market with VeVe as its platform.

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