Indicators for Ethereum (ETH) To Prevail $10K Year End!

Indicators for Ethereum (ETH) To Prevail $10K Year End!

Actually nothing could be said abruptly regarding the complete movement of the cryptocurrency market for the year 2021. There were numerous ups and downs so far till date. Despite facing immense market crashes, and one being evidently there for nearly a month, just recently the market surfaces back. In terms, the present crypto market resurfacing could be said as the most legit and standard one after a crash so far for this year. 

In spite of all this, many speculate how and at what points all the major cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin (BTC), the ruler of altcoins Ethereum (ETH), and much more will be for the next few months for the year to end.  Accordingly, majority of the crypto enthusiasts are sightings upon Ethereum (ETH), many speculating how its market trend and price will be. 

Current Trend of Ethereum (ETH)

The number 2 cryptocurrency needs no further introduction, as completely everyone knows what it is. Apart from being the number 2 crypto, Ethereum (ETH) is the most valued blockchain ecosystem in terms of transactions and traffic in the blockchain industry.

 In spite of this, it’s the most renowned and prolific open decentralized blockchain platform. And so, at present it is the most used global platform for developing and establishing Decentralized Applications (DApps)

According to the time of writing, ETH is priced at $3406.80  with the 24 hours price range spiking up about 3.28%. Taking the past 24 hours into consideration, ETH has soared up from $3237.79 to $3455.96 as the highest for the day. 

ETH History Short Cap

Moreover, taking the last month into consideration, ETH has suffered miserably upon the month of August. However, with the start of September, along with the market boom, ETH spiked to $3972.66 in the first week of September.

Despite all efforts of surging up, it stumbled down profusely in the second week of September. And so, ever since then, its gearing up gradually to the benchmark $3500 range. 

In spite of all this, the last 1 year track graph evidently shows that the year of 2021 is the year for ETH. Accordingly, from beginning at just $365.57 a year back, it soared to its ATH of $4168.7, astonishing the whole crypto industry. As a result, many speculate extreme bulls on ETH. 

Furthermore, many analysts state that ETH will be touching a massive $10K mark by the year’s end.

Reasonings Valid For ETH $10K

Moreover, most of the graphs and indicators denote strong lines of surge, owing to either the RSI or the MACD.

Also, the much elaborate backing up by ETH blockchain makes the price value of Ethereum (ETH) extremely stable and strong.

Furthermore, as long as ETH stays above the $3K mark, the RSI and MSD points will be above the line, making ETH not to fall below or turn bullish at any time in future.

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