Marlin (POND) Price Surges By 49.98 Percent in Last 24 Hours

Marlin (POND) Price Surges By 49.98 Percent in Last 24 Hours

Countless cryptocurrencies are accessible in the crypto world. It is noted there has been a price surge in most of the cryptocurrencies, and they are on the grow. According to CoinMarketCap, the price of POND is $0.1524. Moreover, It has been up by 49.98% in the past 24 hours. 

The network node of this token helps to operate the MarlinVM. It has a virtual router interface that allows developers to install personalized overlays and calculate the edge computations.

With the help of MarlinVM, various notable overlays can be built, such as:

  • Low-latency block multicast for scaling blockchains
  • Low-latency mempool sync for arbitrageurs
  • Mesh networks
  • Anonymity networks like mixnets
  • Device optimization along with caching responses of API to infra
  • Alchemy

POND, a native token that assists in providing network set performance auditors and compensating users from an insurance fund in an SLA breach case. It also helps in Running validator nodes on the network through staking. 

Marlin is amongst the few layer-0 projects that focused on network layer optimizations. Similarly, like Filecoin, which is incentivized IPFS. Furthermore, the founders of Marlin claim it to be the equivalent of an incentive libp2p networking between distributed nodes to function.

Token Adoption Due to Security

Security is one aspect that may boost POND token adoption. Attacks on blockchain networks have increased in recent months, casting doubt on their security. Furthermore, a network of Ethereum nodes protects smart contracts written on Marlin.

If the upward trend continues, by the end of the year, the POND token may reach USD $0.5 and the first half of 2022 will reach $1 USD per token.

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