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Katy Perry Allies With Theta Labs to Bring Out Her NFTs

Katy Perry Allies With Theta Labs to Bring Out Her NFTs Blockchain News

Celebrities bringing out and barging themselves on their non-fungible tokens (NFT) is not so new for the industry. And so, adding on to the line is Katy Perry, looking forward to launching a line of NFTs upon her show ‘Play’ in Las Vegas. Theta Labs will be the blockchain developer and platform provider for this.

Katy Perry’s NFTs

The American singer and songwriter Katy Perry needs no introduction though. Celebrities coming into the NFT market is nothing new. It has been going on for a while ever since the introduction of the NFTs. Likewise, Katy Perry joins the line too.

Katty Perry will be releasing her NFTs on her much-awaited show, the ‘Play’ residency. This ‘Play’ residency is sought to be a tour all over Las Vegas consisting of 16 shows. The tour is said to start by this year’s end by December 2021. 

Upon all this, Katy Perry will be working together with Theta Labs, a leading decentralized video platform that works on its own developed blockchain. Theta Labs will be accountable for all attributes for the creation of the NFTs, their trading, and as the blockchain developer and provider.

In spite of this alliance, it’s rumored that Katy Perry will be also soon owning a significant stake of Theta Labs. This contradicts a win-win combination agreement by both. Theta will be accountable for Katy Perry’s NFTs. On the other hand, Katy Perry will back up Theta Labs as a stakeholder.

In addition, all this came to lime-light upon Katy Perry’s Tweet on Thursday. The Google cloud and Sony will be indirectly in support of Katy Perry’s NFTs as they are the ones backing up Theta labs.

Celebrities and Their NFTs

Almost everyone is into the NFT market and industry these days. With the foresee of rapid growth and finance through the NFTs, celebrities have been throwing themselves upon it. 

Celebrities like actress Mila Kunis recently announced her NFTs in form through an animated series called ‘Stoner Cats’. Also, the famous rapper Jay-Z already brought out NFTs in form of tokens for his very first debut album. 

In addition, many more like, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Ellen DeGeneres, and also Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey all are into NFTs.
Moreover, prominent motorhead firms like McLaren, Ford are also into NFTs. Football spikes like Juventus F.C, the DFB, etc are also into NFTs, despite looking for ways to make money during the pandemic situation.

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