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Google Cloud Integrates Blockchain Datasets of Polygon

Google Cloud Integrates Blockchain Datasets of Polygon Blockchain News
  • Polygon announced its integration of blockchain datasets with Google BigQuery.
  • Integration involves monitoring gas fees and smart contracts.
  • Data insights would improve the network’s growth with Dapps.

Polygon, formerly known as MATIC Network, has announced its integration of blockchain datasets with Google BigQuery’s tool.

Besides, Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution and infrastructure development platform. Polygon SDK is its core component, modular and flexible supporting Secure Chains as well as Standalone Chains.

Moreover, Polygon’s datasets can be tracked with the support of BigQuery for a better understanding of Polygon blockchains for developers. It is available under the public financial service category on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Data insights would help in the network’s growth with the decentralized application. Integration includes the ability to monitor gas fees, smart contracts, and multi-chain analysis for SDK.

Google BigQuery provides the flexibility to query on-chain data in a simple and organized manner using standard SQL syntax. It also aids in querying multiple blockchains or tracking cross-chain activity on interoperable tokens.

Additionally, dataset integration is a larger initiative of listing cryptocurrency data in Google BigQuery via GCP. The current program hosts many real-time cryptocurrency datasets, with the potential to grow services that include additional distributed ledgers in the future.

Google BigQuery is a multi-cloud data warehouse that is serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective. GCP runs with the same infrastructure for end-user products like Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube.

According to Polygon, the ability to gain insights from more than 6 million daily transactions on its blockchain, “will go a long way towards growing and building the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.”

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