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Actress Mila Launches New NFT Series ‘Stoner Cats’

Actress Mila Launches New NFT Series ‘Stoner Cats’ Market News
  • Actress Mila Launches New NFT Series ‘Stoner Cats’
  • The tokens can be used to access the comedy cartoon online. 
  • The animator involved in this series has connections to Toy Story 2.

American actress Mila Kunis has announced the launch of a new series of NFTs. Mila lately appeared on a late-night talk show, Conan O’Brien’s. In that show, Mila shared information about her new web series called ‘Stoner Cats’.

Moreover, Mila noted, users will be able to buy Stoner Cats Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Also added that the tokens can be used to access the comedy cartoon online. Mila revealed the token will go toward funding future episodes of the series. Each episode of the series will be nearly five minutes long.

Henceforth, the series is an adult animated series centered on five house cats, they continuously save their owner. Kunis’ production company has produced the series. The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) created by Big Head Club. Big Head club, a crypto firm run by Mack Flavelle and Jonathan Howard.

Accordingly, more details about the series not yet revealed. But the small hint revealed by Mila that some animators involved in this series have connections to Toy Story 2, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, and Space Jam: A New Legacy.

More so, the concept behind Stoner Cats series is from the success of CryptoKitties. Cryptokitties is the most notable NFT, this released in 2017

Furthermore, Mila revealed why did she choose NFT, she felt NFT a well-built area. Mila also added that she “deep-dived into it, with two incredibly smart women that know everything about it”.

She also noted that she began to use cryptocurrency after a suggestion made by his husband Ashton Kutcher. Eight years ago, Mila bought a bitcoin. Mila said initially she has doubts about the potential of Bitcoin.

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