Porsche Drifts Into NFT Market, Chainlink- Integrated NFTs and Mark Cuban Betting Big on NFTs

Porsche Drifts Into NFT Market, Chainlink- Integrated NFTs and Mark Cuban Betting Big on NFTs

Porsche launches its NFT subsidiary, Genshiro integrates chainlink into Non-fungible- tokens and Millionaire Mark Cuban invests and bets more on NFT platforms.

Porsche into NFT Market

The company’s builder Forward 31 launches a startup “Fanzone”. The project developed  for next-level fan experiences. Fanzone’s first partner is the German Football Association (DFB). Moreover, the platform is fully digitalized for the players as they can collect their cards on a secured LUKSO blockchain, founded by Fabian Vogelsteller, former Ethereum developer.

Along with the announcement, Porsche shares,

“NFTs guarantee the rarity and identity of collectibles. Thanks to verifiable ownership, fans can benefit from value increases, for example, for limited editions.”

Further, the team has also decided to contribute a part of Fanzone’s collections to sustainable sports and eco-friendly projects. Therefore, it mentioned the employees are working on emission free methods.

Genshiro, the boldest DeFi one-stop shop on Kusama which works on the network of Equilibrium. At present, the team decided to feed the Chainlink (oracle network) price into their NFT Tokens. 

Besides, Genshiro plans to release a collection of cartoon representations of NFTs featuring cats. These cats appear as different digital currencies namely, BTC, ETH, DOT, KSM, GENS, and EQ.

Moreover, all these cryptocurrencies will be available on a large NFT marketplace.  The profit raised from the NFT sale will be used for the operational costs and as initial bidding amount for the Kusama auction. 

However, in Chainlink integration users can unlock each BTC golden NFT cat when they cross a certain price value of $10K bitcoins. 

Mark Cuban Bets bigger on NFTs

Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner, Mark Cuban invests $ 4 Million for NFT platforms. The investment helped to enhance the blockchain technology of the market. Along with Cuban, famous actor Ashton Kutcher and bitcoin expert Anthony Pompliano also joined hands.

Furthermore, the investment funding rounds raised $20 Million on the NFT platform to support the three major NFT projects. Firms current NFT works includes, “Gaia”,  a music-focused marketplace, “Cryptobuds”, dubbed cannabis collectibles and “Sidekick”, an inspired comic NFT.

More so, the company states that, 

“It intends to bring NFTs to the worlds of sports, games and even comedy. And NFTs will remain popular even after the recent fall in demand for this type of digital asset.”

Therefore, the funds raised by NFT Genius will be spent to transform the market with use of blockchain technology. And refine the trading platform or non-fungible tokens linked to the music universe.

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