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Top 3 Projects by Weekly TVL Performance as per CryptoDep

The goal of FEI is to create a stablecoin that is more capital efficient. UniTrade is a truly decentralized DeFi

3 hours ago 2 mins read

AVAX, VGX, and MATIC are all Vying for Dominance in the Top 10!

Avalanche’s market valuation is expected to remain below Solana’s. Polygon has hosted an NFT marketplace that offers low costs for

4 hours ago 2 mins read

Stacks (STX)- Top Gainer of the Day

The STX coin’s technical chart shows an upward trend. A retest of the $2.435 neckline will signify an outstanding long

8 hours ago 2 mins read

Top 3 Coins as per LunarCRUSH Galaxy Score

Furucombo is a drag-and-drop DeFi strategy optimization tool for end-users.  A WLUNA partner may swap 1 LUNA for 1 WLUNA

9 hours ago 2 mins read

Wolf of Wall Street Says Shiba Inu and Dogecoin Creators Be Imprisoned

Dogecoin is still very volatile and follows social media trends. He advised investors not to buy in these recently hot

10 hours ago 2 mins read

Crypto Analyst Lark Davis Mentions Three Best Crypto Investments

Crypto Analyst Lark Davis shares top three crypto investments. The potential crypto space are DeFi, Metaverse, and Gaming space. Grayscale

11 hours ago 3 mins read

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Dominates the Day Surging 30% Up

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) hit a high of 30% gains. This marks the highest surge so far for the day. H2O

13 hours ago 2 mins read

Top 3 Best Value DeFi Projects By Price Performance of Last 30 Days

The Malaysian-based SocialFi platform has opted to lead the charge. DeversiFi is a second-layer Ethereum trading platform. Let us take

1 day ago 2 mins read

4 Cryptos that Outperformed Solana (SOL) in 2021

Solana (SOL) performance for the year 2021 was not so remarkable as others. Axie Infinity (AXS) tops by gains of

1 day ago 2 mins read

Crypto Analyst Optimistic About Polygon (MATIC)

MATIC price expected to continue rising. A new milestone has been reached in the scaling solution. It’s been a busy

1 day ago 2 mins read