DOT and XRP Fights With ADA. Will ADA Lose Its Position?

After Plutus Deployment, Cardano Team Focuses on Optimization and Scalability

The crypto industry has already started with the greenish price chart beginning from BTC to other altcoins. A significant fact is that Polkadot, Solana, Ripple are also surging in price value but Cardano remains at its position. Is there a possibility for ADA to come out of the top 10 if this pattern continues? What will be the condition of ADA if DOT, SOL, and XRP outperform and rank above ADA?

ADA is one potential cryptocurrency where investors believe that ADA would hit highs but it has been at the same level of price for the past two months. In the recent hike of the crypto market, Bitcoin’s price has moved above $63,000 following the correction at $60,000. Whereas, Ethereum has set up its new all-time high on Wednesday at $4,638 with a round of 2% gain in the past 24-hours.

Consequently, the prominent altcoins SOL, XRP, and DOT have soared around 10% each. Currently, both the potential altcoin Solana and Cardano are fighting hard to capture the 5th position while ADA is still in the $2 level. If ADA is not making its move towards an uptrend within a week then it may lose its position from the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

ADA Might Be Kicked By DOT and XRP

Despite the fact that Cardano has no signs of an uptrend, Polkadot and Ripple are trying hard to kick out ADA below. The DOT ecosystem has been waiting for the parachain auction, which will take place between November and January. As stated in the whitepaper, the event commemorates the realization of the company’s fundamental objectives. Furthermore, Ripple is hopeful of winning its lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and its request for relisting XRP on Coinbase has been praised, implying that its price may soon reach new highs.

Significantly, Ripple (XRP) has expressed its confidence towards the chance of winning a lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission. As a matter of fact, the crypto-asset XRP is still presenting a bullish run which is around 5% up in the last 24-hours. Furthermore, with a bullish signal forming, a breakout at the next critical level of $1.30 might improve price momentum by another 12 to 15%.

At the time of publishing, ADA has already lost its position to SOL moving to 6th position by market cap value. If the preceding facts prove to be true, the price of DOT and XRP will be evenly split. The Cardano Foundation, on the other hand, recently reached 2 million wallets on Tuesday. As a result, if the ecosystem can fix the current technological issues, it will remain in its current position. On the other hand, if the enhancements are further delayed, the mentioned coins will easily unseat ADA from the top ten!

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