Mayor of Miami Accepts Full Salary in Bitcoin (BTC)!

Mayor of Miami Accepts Full Salary in Bitcoin (BTC)!
  • The Mayor of Miami demands a full salary in BTC.
  • Mayor states he will use Bitwage and Strike apps to convert his fiat to crypto.
  • The Mayor is completely optimistic with the crypto industry.

The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez is one such politician who is ardently backing up the crypto industry for his town, in his authority. Being such a cryptoic person, the Mayor puts forth an announcement officially on Twitter. 

The Announcement Tweet

Accordingly, the Mayor of Miami took to twitter in the alte hours of November 2, putting his statement. Upon the tweet, the Mayor states that he has decided to take his salary completely in Bitcoin (BTC)

Thereby, this makes Francis Suarez to become the first U.S lawmaker to accept a salary in BTC.  Apart from this, it’s estimated that the salary for the Mayor is $8000 per month. Therefore, into BTC, it amounts to 0.13BTC. Alos, this salary of BTC will be at a price of $63,404. 

Moreover, Suarez terms that he prefers to use apps like Bitwage and Strike to convert his fiat to BTC. In such terms, he also persuades the government to not take extra efforts in converting his salary into BTC on extra efforts, rather to use Bitwage or Strike. 

The Mayor’s Crypto Views

Being the Mayor of Miami since 2017, Francis Suarez has been completely optimistic on the crypto industry throughout. It’s not to be forgotten that Miami is a prominent BTC mining city all with due respect to the Mayor Francis Suarez. 

In addition, the Mayor terms that he has cryptos both in BTC and in Ethereum (ETH). Also, in the Bitcoin 2021 conference, he depicted his views to make Miami the main crypto hub solely based upon positive and embracing rules and regulations for the crypto industry.

 Also, he has opened hands welcoming many crypto and finance firms into the city, basically all upon proper legal laws. Once such is Venture Capital, investing $25 million to fund numerous blockchain based startups on small scales.

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