Decentralized AI Multiverse Acquires $15M From Leading Blockchain VC

Decentralized AI Multiverse Acquires $15M From Leading Blockchain VC
  • Multiverse acquires $15 million from leading venture capital.
  • The raised fund utilized to expand the capacities.
  • Multiverse provides a safe space for developers to examine their ideas.

Multiverse, a decentralized artificial intelligence ecosystem that supports startup companies, has acquired $15 million in investments from popular blockchain venture capital.

Accordingly, the fundraising round, conducted by venture capital firm, Samsung Next. The participants include Arrington XRP Capital, Huobi Ventures, and Fenbushi, among others.

Moreover, Samsung Next is a developer platform sharing the same focus on AI, blockchain, and financial technology as Multiverse Labs. Multiverse, noted that the raised funds from the investment will be utilized to expand their capacities from engineering, research, and marketing. Multiverse also in the plan to expand their presence in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, the Multiverse platform enables startup project developers to evaluate with ideas and request feedback as they evaluate their concepts. The users of the platform can reward themselves for their contributions through the AI token. AI token, the native token to the Multiverse firm, at present, listed on KuCoin and Uniswap.

Additionally, co-founder of the Multiverse firm, Cliff Szu, stated his platform provides a safe space for developers to examine their ideas and receive feedback from a skilled community. He noted, “Many potential founders decide the risks outweigh the rewards, or simply have no access to external capital, particularly in emerging economies”.

Henceforth, with the latest fund raised by Samsung Next and leading blockchain investors. Multiverse company can now function with a suggested valuation of $250 million. Placing it as one of the leading ecosystem developer funds focused on the conflux of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

Multiverse do-founder, Cliff Szu said,

“Our overriding goal is to help people with great ideas to discover the true value of their innovations and inventions”.

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