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The First AI Yield Aggregator on BSC

The First AI Yield Aggregator on BSC Market News

A DeFi platform states that it provides its first AI yield farming aggregator which is “KingDefi” to interact with users also referred to as Knights, to work on Binance Smart Chain and Solana.

Aggregators carry together multiple protocols and present them in a unified manner for easier use. Aggregation, when done correctly, can provide a perfect blend of decentralized finance and the power of centralized control.

Moreover, with advanced analytics that monitors TVL, KingDeFi enables its users to easily monitor activity on these chains. KingDeFi can advise users on which farm is best suited to their needs. Once a user has chosen a pool, they can track yield returns, fees, and aggregated productivity.

Safety Is the Major Protocol

Safety is considered to be the major factor, its native token KROWN has experienced the security audit by Techrate, where no issues were found.

According to KingDeFi, all of the farming contracts on its platform are pre-approved and rated as safe by experienced developers. All projects’ technical standards are highly regulated before they are listed, with highly reputable and well-known projects receiving priority access.

KingDeFi’s community has changed through two highly skilled Solidity developers in the last two months. One of the priorities on the roadmap for the coming months is a crowd-sale which occurs from June-14 to June-18.

Additionally, KingDeFi states that the firm looks for investors rather than short-term traders as this project is long-term. Besides, KingDeFi hopes to be knighted as one of the world’s premier yield farming aggregators as its roadmap develops and evolves.

Furthermore, an active page may assist the users who are new to the DeFi world with some complicated-terms to understand. 

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