SingularityDAO Partners With Ocean Protocol

SingularityDAO Partners With Ocean Protocol
  • SingularityDAO accomplices with Ocean Protocol.
  • The architecture of SingularityDAO’s technology is designed with AI.
  • Its incorporation with Ocean Protocol follows the successful completion of $5.2 million.

SingularityDAO is the first major DeFi offshoot of SinguralityNET, announces its partnership with Ocean protocol to access the latter’s market-leading Ocean data-sets. As these two entities collide, the Ocean token will be integrated into SingularityDAO’s fund/investment portfolio.

Moreover, SingularityDAO’s technology is designed with AI at multiple levels. Thus, AI manages dynamic token-sets, implements predictive market-making strategies to provide liquidity for these token-sets on DEX predictively.

Additionally, use of AI sounds convincing as mentioned earlier, it requires a large amount of data to learn and develop. This makes SingularityDAO a natural user of Ocean data sets where data-sets are published in Ocean ecosystem via Ocean market.

Marcello Mari, CEO of SingularityDAO says:

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Ocean Protocol, one of the most reputable crypto projects that has consistently delivered community-driven, decentralized data solutions. SingularityDAO will constantly use data to train our machine learning, and there is no better partner than Ocean Protocol.”

Partnership After a Successful Completion

The alliance between these two entities follows the successful completion of $5.2 million raised in three different rounds for the much-awaited Governance Generation Event on MANTRADAO, which reached its limit in less than 2.5 hours.

More so, Governance Generation Event comes in the wake of a recent private sale where SingularityDAO raised about $2.7 million funding. This funding includes leading technology investors like AlphaBit, Marshland Capita, GBV, and SMO Capital.

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