Author: Carolyna Mavis

Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech interest has enticed Carolyna to write for NewsCrypto. She made her personal mission to help non-crypto geeks to understand the technology with ease.

Posts by Carolyna Mavis:

Arweave Price Prediction 2022 — Will AR Hit $90 Soon?

Bullish AR price prediction is $53.49 to $86.30. The AR price will also reach $90 soon. AR’s bearish market price

5 days ago 6 mins read

Tezos Price Prediction – How Much Will XTZ Be Worth in 2022?

Bullish XTZ price prediction is $5.32 to $9.28. Tezos  prices might also reach $10 soon. XTZ bearish market price prediction

1 week ago 6 mins read

Exclusive Interview with Saravanan Pandian, Founder and CEO of Koinbazar

Driven by integrity, security, and simplicity, Saravanan Pandian, founder and CEO of Koinbazar, shared in detail the features and long-term

1 week ago 4 mins read

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction 2022 -Will ETC Hit $200 Soon?

Bullish ETC price prediction is $75.23 to $185.88. The ETC price will also reach $200 soon. ETC bearish market price

1 week ago 7 mins read

Theta Network Price Prediction 2022 – Will THETA Hit $15 Soon?

Bullish THETA price prediction is $7.5 to $14.9. THETA price might also reach $15 soon. THETA bearish market price prediction

2 weeks ago 6 mins read

League of Kingdoms Releases LOKA Token to Fuel Growth of Active Users

League of Kingdoms Arena launched the LOKA token in order to fuel the growth of its over 400,000 strong community

2 weeks ago 2 mins read

Moonbeam Network Successfully Completes its Launch Process to Polkadot

Moonbeam network has launched on Polkadot. The platform allows over 80 other projects the opportunity to deploy.  Moonbeam, the first

2 weeks ago 2 mins read

Flickto Partners With ADAX Pro To Initiate Public Sale Round

Flickto may best be understood as the decentralized launchpad responsible for providing media financing to Cardano’s blockchain. Simply put, the

2 weeks ago 3 mins read

Cardano Price Prediction – Will ADA Hit $10 in 2022?

Bullish ADA price prediction is $2.45 to $4.49. The ADA price will also reach $10 soon. ADA bearish market price

3 weeks ago 16 mins read

CropBytes Festive Season just got better for; CBX Mining is Back!

The much anticipated CBX Mining is back. This feature is integral to the CryptoBytes Gaming revolution and the community is

3 weeks ago 4 mins read