ROK Capital and Solana Launches Fund for Solana Ecosystem

ROK Capital and Solana Launches Fund for Solana Ecosystem
  • ROK Capital and Solana announced a $20 million fund.
  • This partnership focuses on Solana’s expansion in the Korean market.
  • FactBlock and DeSpread are also the partners of the eco fund.

ROK Capital, Korea’s leading blockchain accelerator joins with Solana Foundation and launches a $20 million for Solana Eco Fund. This ecosystem fund focuses on developing infrastructure projects, Web3, Defi, and NFT’s.

ROK Capital has 20 years of experience in the field across Korean industries, banks, marketing, and media. Acala, SolStarter, and Clover are among the notable startups that have been bootstrapped by the company.

The firm is a blockchain fund majorly focused on investing in infrastructure blockchain projects and acceleration to Solana’s expansion in the Korean market. Besides, the partners for the eco fund include FactBlock, a blockchain consulting firm, and DeSpread, a community-based accelerator.

The ROK Capital’s general partner Brian Kang expressed his joy for joining with Solana Foundation. Besides, this eco fund is provided for tailored services to help projects speed up in Korea.

Solana is the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem in crypto. It delivers projects with security and composability. Also, it can process thousands of smart contracts and with Proof-of-History it unlocks low-latency and sub-second finality.

The President of Solana Foundation, Anatoly Yakovenko says:

“ROK Capital has been a valuable partner to ecosystem companies, assisting with project launch and capitalization. We are excited to collaborate with the new fund to help more entrepreneurs and teams build on Solana.”

Moreover, ROK Capital has invested in Mercurial Finance, Synthetify, Symmetry, and Parrot through the newly established Solana Eco Fund. It also bootstrapped Serum, a decentralized exchange (DEX) and ecosystem that brings decentralized finance immense speed and low transaction fees. The serum is based on Solana and is permissionless.

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