Crypto Lark Thinks This Is Not the Time to Exit the Crypto Market

Crypto Lark Thinks This Is Not the Time to Exit the Crypto Market

Crypto Lark also known as Lark Davis a professional crypto trader and youtuber tweeted today that he thinks this is not the best time to leave the Market. Currently the market is low, but people should rather earn money through yield farming instead of getting out. He thinks in the longer run the market will be beneficial and it is not the time to liquidate everything. 

Crypto Lark is one of the biggest youtubers in cryptocurrency related content creator on YouTube. He has a massive following on social media and he also has had great success with crypto trading as well. Coming from one of the biggest people in crypto this seems to be a sigh of relief for many novice investors. 

Many users were very quick to point out that they wouldn’t be making much profit with small amounts of coin. To which he replied it’s all relative. You would also not get a very good return on your investment if the crypto goes up as well. 

The Uncertainty in the Market: 

Currently, the crypto market is in limbo. Bitcoin wiped out half its value in less than a month, and other cryptos have lost significantly more. This has prompted a lot of people to really think about bitcoin as an investment option, thus affecting its popularity. 

Many people have also been concerned about the energy use of bitcoin, as pointed out by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk. However, not just Lark, but many crypto analysts predict that bitcoin will bounce back. So taking Lark’s suggestion we should start yield farming with our bitcoin and ETH meanwhile.

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