Around Halloween Cardano Will Reach $8, Observes Crypto Analyst Ben Armstrong

Around Halloween Cardano Will Reach $8, Observes Crypto Analyst Ben Armstrong

Crypto Analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong says, the Cardano will soar till October. Therefore he has bought One Million Cardano upfront.


Ben Armstrong is a famous youtuber and crypto analyst. He owns a YouTube channel BitBoy Crypto. Cardano is a decentralized third generation proof of stake block chain platform. It is similar in function and application to ethereum.

However, Cardano is the first peer-reviewed research developed through evidence-based methods.

ADA is the crypto currency of Cardano. But markets often use the word Cardano for both. Ben bought 1 milliion Cardano. Because he believes it has bullish run capacity. Despite the crypto market going down, Cardano reached a new high this week.

Ben Armstrong discussed the market development of Cardano through his youtube channel Bitboy Crypto. According to him, Cardano will reach $8 before the altcoin cycle over this year. Citing the fact that the block chain project is already attracting institutional investors.

Further he states Cardano has higher potential than Bitcoin and ethereum.

Ben said,

“I can see a lot of people wanting it to pump to $10. And I think between $8 and $10, people will start making profits. And that will be the end”.

As per him, Cardano is expected to rise more than 700% as it is currently traded around USD 1.23.

In his YouTube video he talked with another analyst Crypto Jebb. He is also of the opinion that Cardano has a maximum supply unlike Ethereum. Consequently that will boast the ADA’s potential.

Furthermore Ben tweeted that he bought I Million Cardano. Also he said in his tweet, ADA has been one of his favourite projects. Citing the growth of Cardano over the past 12 month.

Earlier last week, another analyst, Michael Van De pope, predicted the growth potential of Cardano. Moreover, he says to break its current value it has to surge $3.35 on Fibonacci analysis.

As all the Analysts point out, Cardano is up for a long term run with a slow but steady growth.

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