All Hedge Funds will Have 7% of Their Portfolio in Crypto till 2026

All Hedge Funds will Have 7% of Their Portfolio in Crypto till 2026

A survey conducted by Intertrust, a fund administrator company of 100 CFOs of world’s leading hedge funds suggests that in the future 7% of the money would be invested by all hedge funds in crypto. This would mean that the almost $320 billion worth of cryptocurrencies will be held by hedge funds. 

This is a major vote of confidence for cryptocurrencies in particular after the price falls that happened last month. The survey suggests that the move will eventually take around 5 years at most. The survey results also showed that almost 17% of the respondents believed their portfolio might contain more than 10% of cryptos. 

This would be a big change in the hedge funds sector. Currently the numbers are unclear, however, big name hedge funds that reveal their numbers have only committed small amounts to cryptos. This will take the institutional adoption of crypto to new heights. 

The Institutional Investor’s Dive into Crypto

2021 became the year when crypto became truly mainstream. Many institutions joined the crypto fold, by investing in cryptocurrency, most companies have invested in bitcoin, but other cryptos are also part of the trend. The institutional investors have been the force behind the meteoric price of cryptos. 

Institutional investors have been behind the rise and then fall of prices this year. The crypto market cap reached $2.5 trillion this year, all on the basis of these investors. So it is a good sign if more investors join in. 

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