American Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Puts 5% into Bitcoin (BTC)

The American billionaire and CEO of Hedge fund, Tudor Investment Corporation Paul Tudor Jones reveals his interest upon investing 5% on Bitcoin (BTC).

The philanthropist , billionaire, CEO of the hedge fund, Tudor Investment Corporation Paul Tudor Jones reveals in an interview, his interest and views on Bitcoin (BTC). Furthermore, he exclaims on investing 5% of his total resources onto Bitcoin(BTC).

Tudor Jones Comments

Being a billionaire from America, a hedge fund manager, CEO of Tudor Investment Corporation, a philanthropist and conservationist, a profile of diversity, Paul Tudor Jones, is so optimistic about Bitcoin (BTC). Upon his interview on Monday for CNBC, he revealed all his plans and views further on the all-time emperor of cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin(BTC).

Hence, Tudor claims he will be investing 5% of his overall resource on acquiring Bitcoin (BTC). He will be holding it in as Bitcoin (BTC). In addition, he backs up Bitcoin depicting Bitcoin is basically based on maths. Mathematics has been prevailing for ages and till now. As an example, he says if two plus two is four, this will be the same in the future and past. Two thousand years back two plus two is four, and two thousand years to the future too two plus two will be four. Tudor accredited symbolically and logically the everlasting standard of Bitcoin (BTC). In addition, he claims, investing in Bitcoin is 100% reliable, stable, and trustworthy. 

Accordingly, he revealed he will be investing 5% of his resources on Bitcoin, 5% on gold, 5% in cash, and 5% in commodities. The remaining 80% he has not yet decided. He instigates he will wait till the U.S. Federal Reserve announces changes next week. 

Tudor’s BTC History and Future Views

Tudor’s been an active Bitcoin investor for a long time. He exclaims his fascination and interests upon the cryptocurrency profusely. Also, last year he opened up 2% of his overall assets and resources as Bitcoins. It is speculated whether he has acquired any more Bitcoins further though. Although, the overall net worth of Tudor’s estimated to be around $7 billion.  

In spite of all this, he also put forth his views on the environmental impacts due to crypto mining. He stated, if he was the king of the entire world, he would have banned the entire bitcoin mining to safeguard the environment. In addition, he said on making new means to safeguard the environment along without increasing the Bitcoin quantity.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin now stands at the price of $40k, depicting the highest peak over the past weeks.

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